P had only 2 requests for the use of his place:

1) He wanted to play. He was a new dj and wanted some exposure. He played deep house and this was basically a breaks and hard trance party but I thought it would be ok. Only for like an hour.

2) He wanted the upstairs to be offlimits for anyone except staff, himself and “chicks he brought up there.”  Ok. So he wanted to get laid after showing off his dj skills. Whatever fine.

The day of the party. 9am. I get a call from the bus company.  They have decided that there new policy is not to rent out for raves anymore and that I had to come pick up my deposit right away. Crap. I spend the next hour in a panic trying to find anyone who was willing to rent a bus for a rave on about 12 hours notice.  I make a post on the website pleading for info and help. Within an hour, I get a message from a goa kids we’ll call V. V apparently knows a guy with a bus. I just need to go to Aylmer, pick V up, and he will take me to him. I do all this and met this guy who’s name I can’t remember, but I do remember that he smelled kind of like cheetos and beer. Each time I met him, he had that persistent aroma. But anyways, he wanted $2000 in cash upfront do this which included 4 trips there and back at the beginning and another 4 trips there and back at the end of the event.  We agreed that I would pay him when he made his first pick up.  What I later found out was that what he did was go down to the school bus depot he worked at and simply checked out a bus for the night. Apparently you can do that. Just bring it back with some gas in it.

At least I had the bus now but where the hell was I going to find $2000? Although he was slowly trying to take control of the party, JK wasn’t answering his cellphone all morning so he was no help.  It really just so happened that my friend Tristan had decided to come down and visit me that afternoon to celebrate my birthday. I called him and flat out asked for $2000. He reluctantly said ok for $1000 which was all he had. I told him he would get it all back as soon as possible.  I remembered the ticket money was still available so I went and got it which gave me about $2100. I told everyone on the website the party was back on and life was good again.

For about 3 hours.