The promoters and the owner were flagrantly stupid for letting people smoke inside, knowing full well they could get a fine up to $10 000 for doing this. They shoud have taken full responsability for this and not let people fucking die in a basement.

Most of the other people there were maybe just too high or fucking stupid to do/say anything but I was really upset at the time. The whole situation was ridiculous and unacceptable. The only person that gave even a slight half-assed apology was the owner's girlfriend, when she said "désolé" as she crammed us all out the door into fucking raver-goo fantasy.

I took a lot of heat for bitching about this, but I didnt fucking care. Bad promoters ruin the scene, and a basement full of suffocating teenagers is not something you want your party to be remembered for.

Don't throw a rave.