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Birthplace: Yugoslavia
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female

     Prototype 1313 was the brainchild of a failed eastern European crime syndicate's bid for international notoriety. Conceived as the perfect killing machine, 1313 was completely deprogrammed of all empathy, morality and tolerance in order to further remove predator from prey. After a spectacular failure in Prague where 3 schoolbuses full of children had to be euthanised, 1313 escaped into the international underground as a gun for hire, her cyborg past buried under a bloody pile of mercenary killing.

     But her luck was not to last. Prototype 1313 was captured in an emergency access tunnel underneath the Kent Point nuclear power facility. After disembowling two of her captors and permanently blinding a third, she made her way across middle America, searching for her creator so that she might torture him for bringing her into existence. Malfunctioning and alone, she was drawn to the intense, often misunderstood world of flagellation and flagellation accessories. It was at a bar mitzmah were she met Klez, and later Kiryanov, who were performing an emergency 9 hour set.

     Her charm and sophistication caught the eye of the violent duo, and after an intense hazing wherein Klez actually died and self-resucitated, she made her most questionable life decision to date and joined Slammer Virus as their third member. Elusive and often distracted by the maddening sound of blood in other people's veins, 1313's occasional sorties to sate her lusty appetites are tolerated by Klez and Kiryanov.

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