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Slammer Virus no longer performs or records music. To hear new music from former Slammer Virus Member Kasper Klez, please visit For more about Repent Tokyo Records, please visit

Slammer Virus
Birthplace: Project Arcturus / Canadian Shield

        Victims of a sonic warfare experiment gone horribly wrong, Slammer Virus
tore into the electronic music scene in the spring of 2003. Already performing alongside acts like hardcore legend Lenny Dee, Netherlands giants Endymion  and UK freeform master Dodgy, Slammer Virus has a nasty reputation for their no-holds-barred style of performance art. The diabolical team of Kasper Klez and Nimda Kiryanov, along with collaborator 1313 have rocked raves and ravaged the hearts and souls of partygoers everywhere.

     With a combination of hardcore acid beats and live heavy metal guitar,
Slammer Virus offers a sound that can only be described as barely contained
techno fury. In addition to their dancefloor destroying musical performance,
their live show harnesses the full spectrum of human emotion as the group
members engage in shockingly intense onstage interaction and crowd pleasing
acts that raise them high above average emotionless djs and knob-twiddling

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