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Kasper Klez
Birthplace: Rogatec, Slovenia
Age: Aprroximately 25
Sex: Male

     Not much is known about Klez, who arrived in North America during the mid-nineties and immediatelyended up being incarcerated for organizing illegal human cockfights. After six years of imprisonment, Klez was transfered into the MARS program for re-education.

     Four years into his re-education, Klez escaped and disapeared again, turning up two years later in Cincinnati under the guise of Steve Forsythe, real estage agent to such prominent Ohio celebrities as George Chakiris, Alan Ruck, and comic genuis Cathy Guisewite. He was reapprehended shortly thereafter and kept under close surveillance until the end of the MARS project left him homeless and unmedicated on the streets of Elko, Nevada.

     A random encounter during a foiled government uprising brought Klez under the direction of the mysterious entity known only as 1313, who harnessed his raw emotional talents into the Slammer Virus

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