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Ladimir Lovesan
Birthplace: Stalingrad, Soviet Union
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male

    Ladamir is an enigmatic force on his own. Part of a small group of Russian radicals who wished for a return for the old guard of the USSR, Ladamir joined a militant regime, with the sole intent of bringing back the glory days of Communist rule. However, Ladamir had the unlucky fate of being captured by a super secret government group, whose motives still remain unknown.

While in their clutches, Ladamir underwent multiple experiments - including the removal of his vocal chords, and their replacement with a new set - which upon close inspection, seem to have been previously belonged to some form of primate. The exact species remains unknown.

Ladamir was finally emancipated from his captors by Nimda Kiryanov, who happened to see this small man being forced to clean gutters in his hometown of Viryanovansav, Uzbekistan. Nimda overtook Ladamir’s overseers, and led him to freedom, on the singular condition that he help with the progression of Slammer Virus’ fight for world domination.