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Nimda Kiryanov
Birthplace: Viryanovansav, Uzebkistan.
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male

     Emancipated from his simple camel herding parents at the age of 9, Nimda Kiryanov grew to despise the legal system that had plagued and oppressed his people for so many years.  Forming the radical K..R.V.R (Krutsilvan Rogina Var Rogina) party in 1989, Kiryanov plunged his small township into a second dark age, adminstrating his own brand of corporal justice.

     After his rescue by Amnesty International in 1991, Kiryanov left his identity as an Uzbek behind and made a tentative foray into the world of competitive bloodletting.  A ten gallon champ in no time, his regenerative abilities caught the eye of the Project Arcturus team leaders.   It was in the wretched bowels of this secret government machine that he met Kasper Klez and had his life forever altered.

     After regaining the use of his left arm, Klez persuaded Kiryanov to channel his bottomless rage and aggression through a musical outlet.  By relentlessly touring bowling alleys and high school proms, the roots of Slammer Virus were sunk into society's fertile, poisoned soil.

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