DJ Tipsy T writes in with this gem of smokey fury.

I hit up a party called Shooting Star Forever in the summer of 2006. I got to the party around midnight, step out of the car, and light up a cigarette. As soon as I take the first drag, these bouncers come up to me and force me into the venue, telling me that there is no smoking allowed outside, but that they made a "smoking room" in the basement of their space. This immediately set off alarm bells in my head: Montreal has a city-wide ordinance banning smoking in any public building, and bars / clubs / raves are no exception. But I love smoking more than I love life itself, so I head down into the basement and smoke my lungs out. I'm was chilling with a couple of friends, when all of a sudden the door to the basement is closed and locked! A voice came through the door telling us not to make a sound because the cops were upstairs!

At this point, were about 100+ people, stuck in pitch black in a filthy rave basement, not allowed to say a word. In fact, they had people walking around like fucking Nazis and telling us to shut up every five seconds. Even a murmur was apparently too loud, ignoring the fact that THERE WAS A RAVE GOING ON UPSTAIRS and we could hear the music and people yelling quite loudly. At that point I was still taking the whole situation as a joke, thinking how fucking stupid the whole thing was. It was ridiculous to make people smoke inside as a very poor attempt to avoid attention from the cops. As drunk as I was, I guess me and my friends made slightly more sound than we were supposed to (such as light outbursts of laughter, heavy breathing, intense thoughts, etc...) Feeling my bladder was about to explode, I then proceed to the bathroom. And when I was finished relieving myself, by instinct and by etiquette i then flushed the toilet. When I came out people were looking at me like I was crazy!

So we stay in the dark for a while more, like a poor rave remake of Anne Frank. Then after about 2 hours, someone opens the front door and yells for us to get out quickly, as the cops were in the back and they wouldnt see us running up the stairs.

When I do get back in the main room, I get caught in the stairs by Mille-Patte (the promoter), his girlfriend and J-S (Sickness). They all start bitching at me, accusing me of trying to sabotage the whole situation, etc... Feeling really bad about it, I excused myself, telling them my behaviors were in no way meant to be disrepectful. I was just brought up with manners and flush when I pee.


After that we all decide to leave, 'cause we just had the shittiest night ever. But when I did get in the car I realised something.. Wait a minute, did I just get bitched at because I made a bit of noise while i was sequestered in a basement for nearly 2 hours in pitch black???? WTF